WELLL… for a girl who hates the cold I do love one thing about fall or winter is tight sweater time. The tighter the better for me. I love the fuzzy feeling of a sweater hugging me :). I also love my warm fuzzy booties from Victorias Secret that i have in like every colour thanks to steve. You rock. For all those wanting to spoil me this is my wishlist :).

I decided to get a little crazy in the woods by my place and got all super cozy in my white breast hugging sweater 🙂 I had the animals watching and someone come and caught me masturbating lol but it was soo funny he just said ill leave you you seem to be doing  just fine on ure own lol. Hahaha. Im so naughty.

I will be uploading my sweater set to the free fanclub so make sure you get your free screen name asap 🙂 and you get free pvt time with me 🙂 woot !

I love sweater time ! I always love tight sexy sweaters I never wear a jacket in the winter almost never. I hate hiding my boobies lol 🙂 THeres a hot hot video in this cold cold weather so join the free fanclub get your free screenname and get in on it !!



If i havent said it already I fkn love halloween. This year has been so funnnn I have done three different outfits its been fantastic. I hope you have been loving the free pics on here and the extra super naughty ones available ONLY for free fanclub members 🙂

So here is the third and final costume for you super awesome boys and girls. It tells you not to fall asleep, but you could never fall asleep with me anyways I keep you up all night 🙂 The shirts ripped as its supposed to be with freddy but thats nothing new considering I rip and tear all my bras and shirts lol…not on purpose ! The boobies have a mind of their own lol.  And as the song goes…

1,2 Taylors coming for you

3, 4  Better lock the door

5,6 Get out your dicks

7,8 Lets masturbate

9,10 Lets fuck again !!

LOL ok so I put the taylor twist on it but hey Im good at doing that.

Have a fantastic halloween everyone and Today albeit football sunday 🙂 Im choosing the winner from all the members of the free fanclub for best costume :). You have till midnight tonight to get your free screenname and send me a pic :).

So, come get some candies im online lets get naughty. Trick or Treat raaaaaawr.




Hey guys ! I love thursdays the only thing better about the fact that tomorrow the weekends here is when there is football on. Its not Thursday night football night butttttttt it is play with tay night. Im having a blast with you guys this week at the free fanclub. I sent all your goodies in the mail. I also sent special thank you gifts to all those who spoiled me here.

Ive been so busy shooting and trying to get ready for New York and New Jersey its been soo hectic. But being on my webcam is where I get to let loose dance be goofy and have tons of fun. Last night was wicked awesome and I want to thank Mike from baaaaaaaasten lol for driving me nuts lol but in a good way.

SO guys get your free screenname here because in 10 days 10 members who get their free screenname are going to get a super special surprise and I will list the names here on the blog. So make sure you email me the free screenname you get here.

Ill be bouncing online ALL night long and I can’t wait to see you all. I have been going through bras like crazy. I will be online from three different cities in November 🙂 from New Jersey/NYC , La and then woot VEgas 🙂 So, if your in town for these conventions make sure you come bounce with me. Ill be @ Exxxotica with Sarajay and Rachel Havana wooot boobies and booty yes yes :).

Ive been in kinda a funk the last couple days cause of my dog and other personal stuff but you guys have totally been making me smile and laugh online

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See you all soon cutie pies xoxox



Hiii guys !! I had a great weekend with you guys it was soo much fun partying online at my free fanclub, this was such a great weekend full of football, baseball, hockey…and I got time to enjoy myself.. played some warcraft and finally got to play some madden !! Im a big nerd lol and I love it. I love all my nerds out there too 🙂 lol.

I know you guys love to know all kinds of useless but fun information about me and you know we all have our nerdy little quirks lol. So i thought I would let you know more about me no holds barred… stuff I just do thats very random lol. I love you guys and I love getting to know you all and so I of course love to share with you too its only fair right ? lol

Ive been celebrating so much, my 9 years bouncing on webcam with you guys.. the fact that I broke 4 yes 4 tight button up shirts in like an hour lol and of course my good football day. Ill be online all week long so get your free screenname and make your way over to the number one free fanclub around :). Im doing hourly giveaways and I wanna see if I can break a bra busting shirt busting record.  I just got back from the post office sending out all the stuff I gave away to playwithtay members soo make sure you get your free registration so I can send you goodies too !

Ok…so lets pick 10 random things I do that most people dont know about embarassing or not lol maybe i have ocd 

1. I reorganize my coffee table and make all the remotes symettrical in the middle of watching tv just because I like things to look straight lol (nerd)

2. I have to wash my dishes right after I use them I dont even use my dishwasher I just want everything clean and put away

3. I sing in the shower

4. I clean the condo naked

5. I pace back and forth when watching football on sundays im barely sitting on the couch I stand and wave my hips back and forth lol

6. I have ESPN moblile and am always on it

7. I watch porn in the mornings and masturbate (im usually horniest in the mornings dont always need porn but its fun )

8. I take off my shoes and pants at the same time and usually leave them in a pile till i have to pick them up lol

9. I collect poker chips from every casino, and I collect hard rock tshirts from every hard rock i visit buy the tshirt and have it framed. So far I have new york, chicago,cancun,and vegas

10. I tend to move my lips when I type or text

and one more for fun

11. I cut the top of my toothpaste tube when its getting low to make sure I get everything in there lool

So, as you can tell im a normal girl maybe not so normal lol.. im a nerdy girl but Im me and im genuine and thats what matters the most. I love you guys tons and I cant wait to see you all online at my free club. Make sure you sign up for my free newsletter for tons of new stuff coming.

Heres some pics to show how much I love my Geeks out there 🙂 Its bouncy time get in on it im online  now. Theres some more football tonight so lets get rowdy and have some fun get your free screenname here.



Heres the pics for all my nerdies 🙂 love you guys !


Hi Hi boys … WOW .. this week has been sooo busy and soo much fun. I just finished a long shoot today and am soo excited to be on cam with you guys at the free fanclub. I have given away soo many goodies to all the free fanclub members so get your free screenname cause its the giving time of year.

I have gotten a lot of feedback from you guys as to what to be for halloween and I cant wait to surprise you 🙂 You know im full of them

So I will be headed to EXXXOTICA at the beginning of November make sure you all come out and see me I wanna hug you all. I love that ill be in New Jersey and In NYC maybe I should go to Atlantic city ive actually never been, i much prefer Vegas, for its nipper juice @ hooters (that shit kills you lol) and of course the heat !  I have some shoots scheduled while im there so ill be busy but I would love to meet all my NYC fans.. wish there was a game that weekend in NJ but there isnt booo 🙁 lol.

This week is great for free fanclub members because at the end of the week im giving away a special prize to a randomly picked free fanclub member so get your free screenname here and email me when you get it 🙂 We have had some hot and steamy pvt sessions on my webcam.  

It seems you are all loving the formspring questions/comments/tirades so heres some more for you 🙂

1.Would you marry me for a “Green Card”? If not, how about for love and a beautiful lilttle boy package deal? 😉

Lol as much as id love to move to the US i wont marry for a “greencard” lol but for love sure :). Your so cute mister. If i ever even consider marriage IF big IF lol it would have to be for love which im not certain exists. But you do have a beautiful little boy 🙂

2.List you 5 favorite movie directors?

In no particular order…

1. Quentin Tarantino

2. Steven Speilberg

3. Martin Scorsese

4. Clint Eastwood

5. Ron Howard

There are so many its hard to narrow it down

3. In porn world, what are the things that make you afraid the most?

I dont know what you mean by “pornworld” exactly, but I guess im not really afraid just dislike disengenous people that are only after you for one thing. Or being judged soley on what you do for a living and not who u are as a person.

4.Have you ever or would you ever date a guy who weighs more than you?

I hope so lol I weigh 130lbs lol I love big bear type guys.. I feel safe and warm and cuddly with them. But yes anyone that weighs more then me is just fine :).

5.Your husband wanna be should be………?

Loyal,loving,strong, honest. He should be my shoulder, and always have my back. He should be everything that he would expect me to be. 🙂

So I have been having a kick ass time on webcam with you guys.. There has never been a better time to join the free fanclub im doing soo many give aways its crazy !!  And you know you are getting HD video and HD pics that are crystal clear :).

Have a great thursday and hurry and get your free screenname i cant wait to see some of the names u guys come up with 🙂

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Here are some fun pics from me out and aboot lol hahah i only said aboot cause you guys think all canadians say that. Some candid shots where im not posing im just out having fun. See all the uncensored pics in the free fanclub


Do you smell that ? I do woot Monday Night Football baby !! Vikings vs Jets im super excited now that we have aquired Moss. They were great without him and hopefully they will be even better with him. Im all decked out in Favre gear and ready to get bouncy !! Get bouncy with me live at the free fanclub !!

I want to thank Todd and Mark from Minny who sent me such amazing Favre gear. I love it all soo much. Im actually thinking of going to a Minny game this year. I figure theres a mall and the vikings in Minnesota so im good lol.

This is gonna be a great week whyyyy because it starts with amazing football and thennnn continues with me bouncing my naked boobies on cam lol :). Get your free screenname and join me live in video for a party..If the vikings win you are all in for a treat !! woot !

See you all live online cum play with tay !! Im naked and full of energy hehe :0)

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Hiiiii Boys !! Im so excited to hear that Moss has now returned home and become a Viking… im super excited and can’t wait to see them in action ! This is great for Minny… I love my Brett Favre and I know this is a good mix for him. I wanna wish all my canadian fans a happy thanksgiving… its important to remember what to be thankful for things we often take for granted.

I have been really sick latley and then my doggie shaggy is sick.. He got neutered the other day and now he has either a tumour or an infection and ive been worried sick with that, ill know more later today. Hes in good hands thanks for all your warm thoughts.

Theres some great stuff coming for all the free fanclub members so make sure you join and get your free screenname and see me on cam. I had a great time online with all of you last week I know it was super crowded but its always a party lol :).

Im uploading a TON of new hawwwwwwwwt pics to the free fanclub so make sure you join and I have a brand new never before seen 8×10 that i am giving away to all NEW free fanclub members. And dont forget to get your free pvt time with me. I will be online all week long and I look forward to catching up.

Its been a tough week a rough week but you guys are amazing, your support and your ability to make me smile is awesome. I want to thank you all for the gifts and cards im still getting. I want to thank a super special fan and friend viggo for the amazing white gold heart necklace I LOVE IT 🙂

So here is a preview of whats coming to the free fanclub. Get ready boys cause the VIKINGS are gonna KICK some ass.

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