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Hi boys !! There were a few tech issues the last week and I wasnt able to post on my blog, so torturous grr but Im back now :) woot ! I hope you all have been having an amazing week. Im kind of glad i had the time. I had soooo much work to do that I had to do away from the computer so it totally forced me to get all that stuff done which i am sooo glad to have gotten done !

I have been having a blast with you guys on cam at the free fanclub. Thank for all the compliments im glad your love love loving the bouncing fun we have, the jokes, the hot exclusive for free fanclub member updates and of course the silly karaoke night fun lol.

I will be online all week long, so make sure you join the free fanclub for a hot exclusive set tonight. Get your free screename and come and have fun with me its the best place to be. All free fanclub members get free pvt time with me :) ..can’t beat that.

I will be bouncing till your hearts content lol. So theres Tons of big stuff coming so make sure you dont miss it. You know ill be in la for adultcon and i cant wait to see you all there. I am doing so much cool stuff in LA its gonna rock, you guys are in for a treat this coming months. :) stay tuned inside the freefanclub for news :)

Love you all lots, ill answer some more formspring questions for you :) . Lets see what ridiculous has in store for me today lol. see the rest and uncensored vids in the free fanclub.

1. There is a butt blug in my asshole right now,whats in your asshole now ? (asked by mexmex55) also asked by same guy ..I can fit two hands in my asshole do you know how i can tight it  ?

Really dude ? Ummmm why are u sticking two hands in your asshole ? There’s no tightening that shit.. literally. Im done with this question.

2. How dare u say u dont know how to dougie! lucky errbody already luvs u – the basics go like this – bring ur arms out ft & lean from side 2 side (like the song says) & bring ur hand over ur head from ft 2 bk like ur slicking ur hair bk. hope that helps ;P.

Loool.. this is awesome that song is soo catchy. I dont know who wrote this to me but thank you soo much. That song has saved me lol when I was driving back from chicago falling asleep it was like 3:30am and that song came on the radio and i turned it up soo loud and was singing it helped me make the home stretch. lol. Thanks for teaching me im gonna have to keep trying with my dougie cause right now I am just not doing the dougie justice lol. And as we speak i just tried it lmfao. Ill learn eventually. :) lool.

3. Hard and fast ? Slow and sensual ? or somewhere in between ?

It totally depends on the moment. I love it hard and fast thats good fucking. Pull my hair spank my ass hard yum. Slow and sensual is more intimate and about the connection you have with the person. If we are all horned up after a club or in the back seat or just cant keep our hands off each other I want it hard and fast. If its a more intimate moment or evening slow and sensual works too. I like it both ways.. literally :) lol

4. Do you come with an instruction manual ?

Lol no I dont its a trial by error with me lol. But i will tell you this, treat me right, make me laugh, respect me and you’ll figure it out:)

5. Your bday is coming up when and where can I get you a birthday gift do you prefer giftcards or something more personal ? How old will you be ?

I apprecite you noticing yes its sept 20th. I will be 27 I do have an amazon wish list and a boxed up list as well. I do send out thank you presents :) and think its really awesome you guys care about my bday and such. I think giftcards are cool but it really doesnt matter. I appreciate everything including and especially your time :) . My addy is on the blog thank you all for wanting to spoil me. Here is my wishlist.

6. One word your mother would use to describe you….


7. I just wanna let you know I jack off to you everyday.

Wooot ! Touchdown !! Thats awesome :) Keep it cumming. Lol

8. Whats your You tube ?

My Youtube is TayStevensDotCom click there and it will take you to it. :) Crazy candid and behind the scenes vids coming.

9. I think your so ugly, im way hotter then you.

LOL ! Thanks for letting me know.. see the thing here is I can respect your opinion totally cause you’ve actually got to see me and make a judgement. I havent even seen you and I know your ugly from the inside out. I dont care if you are a supermodel, your words make you ugly in my eyes.

10.  Football season is coming up.. are you excited.. I know you want Brett Back. Whats the line tay ? LOL

LOOL.. well you obviously know I love betting on sports lol. Football season is upon me and Im getting revved up. Brett is my boy so of course I wanted him back :) . LOL You guys know football sundays are not a day to mess with me. Ill let you know the line on any game any time lmfao. Ahhhh football season, parlays, lines, over/unders. Those words make me wet ! woot :)

Ok Q & A is over :) for now… I will see you all live on cam later be at the free fanclub for some boobies !!



Heyy guys ive been having sooo much fun at my free fanclub with you guys  @

Its tuesday and so I figured tuesday doesnt really have a special event for it its not like hump day or friday so  Im making today wet t-shirt tuesday. I will be doing shows for my free fanclub members that include wet t-shirts and hot one on one time with me because the weathers getting nicer and Im getting hotter woot !

The next 10 people that join here for free get free access to all my archives and vids yaaay !! Also ill be doing random giveaways to free fanclub members thoughout the night so make sure you join up ! Its free. !!

Ill be uploading a ton of stuff to the fanclub Im soo excited I leave for la on the 8th-12th for my appearance with the none other sexy vickyvette and sarah jay and shandafey im super excited to be doing naughty things with my hotties :) . So purchase your ticket from the link on the side and you get a free 5 dollar poker chip that allows you to spend it on some of my stuff like dvds,mags, pictures, topless pictures.  Its gonna be a wild crazy time. So if your in La I expect to see you there !!

Dont forget to keep your votes up in the March Madness contest and keep voting for me help me get back on top I love being on top lol :) .

I will see you all online @ my free fanclub tonight for wet watergun, bottle pouring, soaked boobies. When you join me you just mite get something u didnt expect wooot  woot ! hehehe.  And the contest is still up here for free fanclub members to win 1on1 steamy sexy taylor time woot.

Baylor got Duked the other night so I know you are all waiting for the rest to finish now who do i root for lol. See you all soon im live on cam right now !! xoxox


check out for a free vid :) muah


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Monday blues guys ?? Not anymore Im gonna take all that away. Today at my free #one fanclub at Ive been having sooo much fun with you guys online I can’t wait to do more im super excited. So yesterday I did a bit of spring cleaning and found a ton of bras old and new and super tight ones that i am busting out of !! So i am totally doing a BRA SHOW today all day anyone that wants to see me try on and bust out of and maybe break a few bras lol join here for free and come say hey in vid the funs just begun. So spring is here and a new week is here and im giving away more stuff I love this cause I am the number one rated free fanclub and you guys deserve some stuff lol. So the next ten people that join my fanclub get a free phone call from me andddddd a pair of freshly worn panties sent to them or a free 8X10 and a video your choice :) woooot .

Also, dont forget the free contest is up for everyone whos joined here for free and Playwithtay for a chance to win a steamy hot private with me. I had a great time with the winner from the last contest I think i must have cum at least twice LOL. wooot

Please guys keep voting for me inthe the March Madness contest click on March madness and vote for Taylor Stevens you can vote twice a day :) Im behind right now but I am hoping to catch up and win. Lots of updates coming up see you all soon xoxo Tay JOIN HERE FOR FREE FOR ALL MY OVER 20,000 PICS AND VIDS :) YUP :) WOOT



HEY GUYS.. WELL.. its hard to really imagine it but I stared my weight loss journey march 16th 2006 and had lost over 150lbs by march 16th 2006. Todays my anniversary woot… ive kept it off lost a bit more but overall maintained my weight loss. It was one of the hardest things I had to do in my life and it was for my health and I feel much much healthier and happier now. I loved my curves back then ( as i know many many many of you did) just as I love them now :) . Im still very curvy and love every curve of it. I know that a lot of you have loved me bigger, lots of you love me smaller but most of you love me either way and that means a lot to me :) . So heres a before score shot and an after score shot for you guys :) . So i can please everyone. hehe I know you all have made most of your opinions known to me and im thank ful for all of that. I cant please everyone but i do try. Im glad you all love me for my giggly bubbly nature and personality as well as my bouncy boobies LOL.

So come on by and see me im online all day and night at still giving away a free vid and panties to whoever joins the free fanclub and sees me in vid. Also as we all know march madness is going on so i would love for all of you to please vote for me here you can vote once a day its under polls on the side bar please vote and tell everyone u know to vote :)

Its a celebration today woot :) and im having fun bouncing around at my free fanclub xoxox :)