Hiiii everyone !! How are you? I hope your all doing fantastic. I thought I would do a quick blog update since I have some new stuff to tell you guys about that I am very excited about. First and foremost … Its been a very tough year with the passing of my uncle.. most of you dont know but I packed a lot of my stuff in a uhaul about a year ago and drove from Vegas to Toronto to be with my uncle who was very ill. He sadly passed in march :(. I am glad I was able to rush home and spend the time with him that I did.

Its been a very long rough year and I have been busy with a lot of things but still live and bouncy on my LIVE CAM for you. I have not been able to get to any conventions since I have been here dealing with family and personal stuff. But i am so so excited to tell you all that I will be in NEW JERSEY for @EXXXOTICA Nov7-9 @ the @porncalendar booth with the girls i love and adore @kellydivine @msshylastylez and @richelleryan !! I cannot wait to see all my fans again its been too long and I have missed you all so so much. I will have tons of merchandise for you as well as pictures together etc !! Yaaay Jersey is my favourite exxxotica place and not just because of the “boobs behind deboer” lol .

Speaking of merchandise I now have what many of you have been asking for a STORE !! Im still uploading a ton of items for you to choose from but finally you can get bras, panties, dvds, magazines that have never been seen before and autographed items and much much more just click HERE! Everything you order comes personalized for you the way you like it 🙂 So make sure you check out my new STORE im looking forward to you guys having a piece of me. If there is something that you want that is not listed on there let me know !! I have many many items !!

Just so you all know I am going to be LIVE every day until I leave for jersey on the 6th and im doing special shows for this sexy halloween month !! Make sure guys you use THIS FREE LINK to join me :). Im doing hourly giveaways. Im feeling very generous and playful !! So use this FREE LINK get your clever screenname and lets get to know each other better and have some bouncy fun !! Remember guys head to my NEW STORE and get a piece of me :). If you are coming to see me @exxxotica New Jersey you can purchase any item and I will bring it there for you and you can have it personally autographed while im right there with you :). So  make sure you come see me LIVE on my naughty playful bouncy webcam and get any merchandise you would like :). Ill be adding more items daily !! I did a poll recently and these seemed to be your favourite of my HALLOWEEN photos :). I still havent decided on what im going to be this year but heres a few of your favourites !! Remember if you want to purchase them from my STORE and bring them to exxxotica for me to sign ill be looking forward to it !! Ok boys and girls i almost forgot Im in a contest that runs for another week for best halloween photo I would love your vote !! Just go to to vote as much as you can. Also if you use this FREE LINK to get a free membership your votes mean more !! So help me win !!


OKK…so todays gonna be filled with green beer partying and getting lucky lol. Your asses better be getting lucky with me on webcam..make sure you get your free screennname so that you can get this pot of gold at the end of my rainbow wink wink.

I love St.Pattys day its awesome… I love the Irish lol even though I’m not Irish you can all still kiss me lol I love kisses :). I got the fighting Irish spirit in me and I can always use a little more lol hahah im getting frisky this week. I hope you all have a kick ass safe St. Patty’s day party. I wish I was in vegas at o’sheas right now cause they are gonna be going nuts they have a countdown clock for this day lol. The Irish know how to party! But so do i 🙂 and im FILLING the free fanclub with goodies for you.

But Im having this kick ass party on my webcam so get your asses in there. Remember its free to get yourscreenname and im gonna be doing some naughty things for you boys !  And of course you get thank you packages for joining ! LOL what else is new.

St patty’s day is always super fun and crazy and I happen to LOVE the colour green 🙂 and Boston where it orginiated in 1737 :). I also can drink with the best of the irish so bring it on. Cum see how good these boobies can hold a green beer, theyre huge so its gonna take u a while but im sure u dont mind.

I feel like since its St.Pattys Day and its all about LUCK i will give you all instances of bad luck and 5 instances of good luck Ive had the last year.

Lets get the bad out of the way…

1. Being diagnosed with cancer

2. My doggy (shaggy) being super sick cause of my ex

3. Becoming friends and opening my heart to those who ended up not being my friends

4. Patriots LOSING the superbowl

5. My pvr screwing up and not taping everything LOL

and 5 lucky things that happend to me this year

1. Getting diagnosed with cancer ( no this isnt a typo it has brought my life to a new amazing level)

2. Taking the under in the superbowl

3. Having met some AMAZING real true people that I now can really call friends

4. Winning miss freeones best web babe and being nominated for best web babe xbiz 😉

5. Lucky to have amazing fans who support me through everything.

SO ummm yeah, beer, boobies, getting lucky with me what are you waiting for join the free fanclub get your free registration and get in on the bouncing green Irish fun !

Get lucky with me boys 🙂



Hey guys how are you !! I am getting ready for the Rick Ross concert here in Toronto. Ive been really sick the last week and a bit but I wouldnt miss him for the world. I hope your all finishing up all your xmas shopping and stuff. The malls are a mess. Its crazy how crazy we get at xmas ! For all of those who asked me where they can get me something my wishlist is here and everything is appreciated and i spoil back !

So speaking of crazy and giving im giving EVERYONE who gets a free screenname here a free stocking full of tays holiday goodies sent right to them.. so dont miss out. Ill be LIVE online on cam  bouncing my boobies for all my naughty santas out there !! So come join me ! I have tons of NEW vids added for everyone with a free screenname so come see me in action 🙂

Here are a few pics to get you going 🙂 I will see you all live in a few.. For your free holiday gift package from me to you personally clicky HERE 🙂 muah.




Hey guys… Ive been dealing with so much latley that its been so hard to keep my blog posts updated but i think Ive just about caught up. Its about time I answered some formspring questions since its been so so long. Im dealing with a lot of health issues right now and its a fight right now but again thank you to everyone thats standing by me :).

Thank you for all the support and love 🙂 with all you guys by my side how can a girl go wrong 🙂 ! I wanted to thank you all for your freeones votes please register and vote for me at every day from every computer. I really think with your help I might win, im honoured that im even on that list but I encourage you all to vote all you can and a free boobie oil video awaits if i win lol :).

As you know I will be in Minny this weekend. Im super excited wooot maybe I can hold a “brett makes me wet” sign lol.. that will never get on air hahah !

I hope you guys are enjoying the holiday season its getting increasingly cold here. Very NIPPLY like you boys like it. Anyways lol, join my free fanclub right now for some goodies and full sets and videos. Its a free screenname away so join today ! hahaha 🙂  For those of you who want to spoil me this christmas thank you so much I do send thank you’s back to you 🙂 so here is my wishlist.

Now, time for the formspring questions.. I just checked my inbox and have over 2700 questions lol I should get the dust of that thing from time to time lol.

1.Something you will never forget …

Falling in love for the first time. Although single now. I wont forget falling in Love its a feeling that doesnt come around often. I also wont forget My first ever fan meeting in person where someone recognized me and asked for my autograph.

2. Are you happy to be considered a slut/whore ?

LOL this one is funny to me. First and foremost I dont consider myself a slut or a whore. If you consider me that that is your problem. I love who I am what I do I carry myself with class and enjoy my fans. Are you happy to be considered some troll on the internet hiding behind his words ? Just wondering ???

3. Where do you see yourself 5 years from now ?

Still kicking ass, taking names doing what I do best. If i find a love of my life who knows what will happen. As for now…I am an entrepreneur and im doing what I need to do. I want to be enjoying life as I am now and continuing to bring the best of me to you 🙂

4. Favourite time to fuck ?

Mornings. Dirty Morning Sex is so fkn hot. The thought of it makes me wanna cream my pants lol. Its like that raw energy in the morning when you wake up beside someone and just feel their warm body beside you and get to fucking lol.  (im soo naughty) LOL 🙂 That question got me wet lol ! Make sure to come see me live on cam tonight and all week long at my free fanclub.

5. If you could have a threesome between you and two celbrities who would they be ?

Well if we are talking female scarlett johannson would definitely be on that list as well as kim kardashian and or angelina jolie I think they are just gorgeous. Curvy and gorgeous !

Ok boys thats all for today but no worries I got 2695 more to go through lol 🙂 hahah Here is one of the never before seen pics that I was selling at glamourcon it seems to be a favourite so make sure you join the free fanclub beacause im updating it with lots of never before seen footage !

Loove tons xoxox


and dont forget to VOTE VOTE VOTE


Hey guys !! Ive missed you so much, sorry I havent been blogging much this week im getting ready for Adultcon its gonna be soo much fun and such a busy busy week in La I can’t wait !! I also have been soo busy shooting like crazy ! I got rid of my old camera and got an AMAZING camera and i did a shoot today took a ton of amazzzzzing pics.. so join my free fanclub for alll the hot sexy pics. I love being naughty on cam with you guys and I will be on ALL week long bouncing for you guys.. so make sure you join its free !!

Sooo.. theres so much in store for you guys.. free fanclub members get all the exclusives ! I did an amazing interview with Luke is Back..they are so awesome Make sure you check it out here :). Its about before and after my weight loss.

I’ve been getting question overload on formspring so its def time to answer lol. I cant wait to see you all at Adultcon and I have so many suprises up my sleeve in La. Make sure you join the free fanclub for live streaming video only available to fanclub members. Ill be in La soon enough woot 🙂 ! Make sure you join me for free and get naughty with me live on cam. Ill be online all week.

Okk.. formspring time its always so fun lol …. some people are insane.

1. I think I am actually in Love with you

Awww.. lol.. while I think that is so endearing. I dont know who you are lol. We havent met do u know you love me mister ? lol

2. If you saw someone getting mugged in an alley by four very large men who were armed but didnt see you yet what would you do ?

Ummmmm, run. lol  I would distract them with my huge boobies and save the day !!! LOL super hero taylor comes to save the world with her bouncy boobies lol.  I know calling 911 is like wayyy easier, but im Canadian and i know kick boxing lol so id def rather put my life at risk (insert sarcasm here) lol. Its a cool question though lmfao, I would say hey flash my boobies then run like hell lol.

3. When was the last time someone rubbed oil on your boobs ? was me for a photoshoot 🙂 oily fun coming up free fanclub members. 🙂

4. If you were sucking my cock and I came in your mouth would you swallow it ?

Lol. k well.. I dont know you lol so ummmm.. if  the question is do I spit or swallow .. the answer is swallow. I mean its already in your mouth youve already tasted it whats the point of spitting it out ? LOL

5. What part of you do you like the most ?

My heart. Hands down. Its hard cause its open to being broken all the time but I have a big big heart and I wouldnt ever want to change. People try to change you all the time sometimes with their words, or their actions but my heart still stays open. So thats the part of me I like the most.

If we are talking physical features.. I like my smile and I love making people smile and when I see you smile I smile lol. Thats a lot of smiling going on haha. So def my smile 🙂  I think smiling is contagious if we all smiled a bit more the world would be a better place.

and one more for fun

6. Are you more like your mom or more like your dad ?

Definitely both, you all know i lost my dad when I was young but I know I have a lot of his traits, my eyes are my dads, my dad loved vegas,sports,and blackjack so I def got that from him. I have his heart for sure.  My mom I got her smile and her stubbornness. I also got her strength, she raised us all by herself so I learned how to toughen up. And i have her spontaneity. They are both a huge part of who I am.

Ok thats all for Saturday 🙂 I will see you all LIVE this weekend woot !

Here is a pic of me mourning the loss of my old camera lol…. with my new one and a few pics from my photoshoot today.. tons more to come get your free screenname now

and here are some of the pics from my shoot today 🙂


This is so frikin killer awesome I love you guys being able to ask what you want to ask me and stuff its so cool to get to know you how we do on cam at my free fanclub. Its there where all the good stuff happens and I get to know you all on a deeper level and well of course bounce these huge boobies in your faces lol. Its like a Q & A but T & A lol 🙂 tits and answers lmfao.

I have been recovering from Chicago but gearing up to go back on Friday for glamourcon with Maggie Green. I wish I had more time there but I know ill be back for sure. Make sure all of you who didnt make it out to see me the first time come to Glamourcon at the Crown plaza O’hare and say hi and take some pics !!

I had a great time with you live on cam earlier today and I cant wait for sum more. I dont know whats got into me latley ive been super horny and extra bouncy lol. Ill be back in L.A in sept for Adultcon and I cant waitttttt to see you all there you know I love L.A.

So yes… join the free fanclub NOW and get free one on one time and access to all my pics and vids including a very behind the scenes whitecastle video lol. Ill be uploading more chi-town pics and some sexy vids this week. See you all live !!

On to more questions…..

1. Do you smoke ? (asked by radiomanhead)

No I am a non-smoker I do sometimes have a cigarette but its like this weird craving that comes out of no where.

2. Whats more important success or money ?

Why cant you have both ? We each define our own success. I know if im happy the amount of dollars in my bank account doesnt make a difference. Im a success when i set out to do something and I do it. If what i LOVE makes me happy then im successful. I say money comes and goes with it. I wouldnt do something I hated for the money but if money comes with something I love then great. I mean these basketball players, football players, musicians everyones getting to do what they were born to do what they LOVE to do and its paying off in one way or another. Id rather be poor and successful on all over levels then rich and a failure at being a human being.

3. Ever taken a dick that was bigger then a foot ? If so how was it.

No…and couldnt tell you

4. You are one of the girls I have watched transform over the years, your one of the most beautiful people I know inside and out and you have rocked it at any weight. Your intelligence shines through, your confidence and your love for your fans and yourself is amazing. I respect the woman that you are and the life youve created for yourself. Im so proud to say Ive had the pleasure of speaking with you. do I find a woman like you ?

Firstly, WOW… thats a fantastic compliment and I am a bit speechless. I love hearing the compliments on my looks and beauty its so nice but to hear a compliment about who I am on the inside or my buisness sense or my intelligence means a lot to me. Thank you so so much, you made my day. Its times when Im down ill think to re read this and be reminded just how far Ive come. On finding a woman like me.. there are tons of great women out there wait for the one that realizes how great YOU are. Don’t go looking for someone with a checklist. Wait for a spark a connection that youve never felt before. Know what you want..make sure you get it.

5. What do you like better..deepthroating or anal ?

Well…why not both lol. I try and deepthroat although im not sure that im quite as good as the pro’s when it comes to that.. but I love anal too anything in my ass tongue,cock,fingers yummmm. (woah the slutty taylor just came out for a bit) lol.

6. Im putting this one together because I get this question a zillion times… do you like jewish guys, do you like black guys ?

GUYS… I like all kinds of guys your ethnicity doesnt matter to me, its about EVERYTHING else. People think im jewish but im middle eastern so lol maybe thats why that was asked but yes ill create peace in the middle east with a unified love for boobies.. yes i like jewish guys and black guys and spanish guys and white guys etc……….

7. See me please

What ? I dont understand.. is this a question ? This formspring shit is hilarious

8. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Lol  seriously my formspring box would make a great comedy show

9. You have a big nose

Cool, I have big tits too good observation.. I could so use you to help me find waldo.  I love my nose it adds character.

10. Whens the last time you had a fight ?

I try to be nice all the time and avoid confrontation but stupid is stupid sometimes and we argue. I fought with my some random stranger well more so argued about whether or not this profession is a respectable profession. You cant win that argument if your up against me. The women and this industry deserve the utmost respect. Its not for everyone but its for me.

Thanks for the questions guys join the free fanclub for your free 8X10 and ill see you all live online tonight



Hey boys I just wanted to thank you all for the wonderful gifts and bday wishes. You are all so sweet your cards were beautiful. My blog was down for a little while but its all fixed now so its good to be back. I missed you all so much. I had a great bday and wanted to thank you all :). My friends took me out and I had a great time one more year older lol. I was at this arabic restaurant for my bday with dinner and dancing and I dont know if you all know but its arabic tradition to smoke what we call “argyleh” but a lot of people know as hookah which is flavoured tabacoo that can be mixed with alcohol. I remember my dad and my brothers doing it a lot lets just say i got a little crazy after it LOL. And im crazy to begin with lol. Here are a couple pics from that night.

Ill be online this coming week @ and I look forward to having some hot fun with you guys. Hope you like the pics 🙂 See you all soon.